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1. Unlike several items on this list, artificial pancreas aren't still in some early development stage. The device very much exists and got FDA approval for sale this past September.
2. 中国最高纪律监管机构日前表示,去年共有1300名涉嫌经济犯罪的外逃人员回国接受审判,其中腐败官员347人。
3. 2012年中国网游市场将占全球半壁江山
4. 注册人数:503人
5. DNA from the bones matched that of descendants of the king's sister, while the skeleton had the twisted spine and battle injuries consistent with contemporary accounts, said researchers from the University of Leicester.
6. They are calculated using a methodology that focuses on a school's research performance and reputation, not its specific undergraduate or graduate programs. This is a separate methodology than those used for other US News rankings such as Best Colleges and Best Graduate Schools.


1. 新版《蜘蛛侠》是迄今为止最棒的一部,这主要是因为它很搞笑。这部电影就像是《早餐俱乐部》、《春天不是读书天》遇上《怪胎与书呆》式的幽默。
2. EMPIRE (Fox, Wednesday) The filmmaker Lee Daniels (“Precious,” “Lee Daniels’ The Butler”) is behind this new hip-hop soap opera starring Terrence Howard as a rap mogul with a terminal disease.
3. “中国政府将GDP增长目标设定为7.5%,并努力将通胀保持在可控水平,很令人欣慰。这不仅会保持中国经济的繁荣,还将促进地区经济和全球经济的发展,印尼也将从中受益。”Imron Cotan, Indonesian ambassador to China
4. In this Jan. 7, 1997, file photo, Steve Jobs, chief executive of Pixar, speaks at the MacWorld trade show in San Francisco.
5. In the field of the best 85 business schools in Europe, HEC Paris remains in second place behind LBS, while Insead, the international school based in Fontainebleau, France, climbs two places to third.
6. 怎么玩扑克?


1. 居民消费价格上涨2%;
2. Recipient: Britney Spears
3. Please accept our wishes for you and yours for a happy New Year.
4. This quote is the only one picked for the list that didn’t come originally from the Web, but rather from the real world. A government official evading a journalist’s persistent question about the annual total of car loans repaid in Tianjin simply said, “We can’t go into detail on this matter,” which apparently Netizens found really laughable.
5. institute
6. In this post, we’ll take a look at 16 software applications that I use almost every day — and discuss why you should too.


1. Do you routinely roll your eyes? Do you have a weak handshake? Do you avoid making eye contact? These could all be career killers. People must understand that actions speak louder than words. And the majority of our communication is done through non-verbal cues. People could perceive some of your non-verbal communication habits as rude or unprofessional—and these things could eventually have a significant impact on the advancement of your career.
2. 再见,卡西尼号
3. Jobs for photographers grew by about 22 percent in Q3. The report’s authors attribute the increase to employers “finally understanding the importance of high-quality pictures on their landing pages.” The desire to expand and improve websites through employing trained, creative professionals was something of a recurring theme throughout this list.
4. Venice has long been hailed as one of the most romantic cities in the world, a must-visit lagoon city on many people's travel lists.
5. OUTDOOR SPACE: The house is on a fifth of an acre, landscaped by the New York firm Landgarden. The Japanese-style gardens in front make use of native plants. There’s also a back patio and yard, with a second Japanese garden.
6. celebrity


1. 获奖者:哈里王子殿下
2. The data highlight the growing anxieties in some sectors of industry about what they see as unfair competition from Chinese rivals.
3. "There are ways to control air (pollution), but we need stronger determination to control it." ZHANG LIJUN, member of the CPPCC National Committee and former vice-minister of environmental protection

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